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Jeffrey H. graduated from Stanislaus State University in Turlock California with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Jeff is an Oracle Certified Professional, Java Development Certified Professional and currently work as a Senior Database Administrator for CoManage. His work includes advanced performance tuning, Java programming, capacity planning, database security and physical / logical database design in a UNIX, Linux and Windows NT environment. Jeff's other interests include mathematical encryption theory, programming language processors (compilers and interpreters) in Java and C, LDAP, writing web-based database administration tools, Xemacs and of course Linux.




                                          Oracle Database Administration 8i, 2003

                                          Oracle Corporation


                                          Oracle Database Administration 8, 2002

                                          Oracle Corporation


                                          Oracle Database Administration 7.3, 1999

                                          Oracle Corporation


                                          Java Development, 2001

                                          Learning Tree International


Expert IT Skills




·        Java - (JDBC, SQLJ, Oracle JVM (formerly JServer), JavaCC, Javascript)

·        PL/SQL

·        SQL*Loader

·        C / C++

·        Pro*C

·        Perl - (DBI:DBD, Oraperl)

·        T-SQL

·        HTML

·        XML, XSL, Oracle XMLDB

·        Tcl / Tk

·        UNIX Shells - (C/K/Bourne)

·        Ada

·        Regular Expressions

·        Troff

·        sed/awk




·        Oracle RDBMS (6.x - 10g)

·        MySQL (3.23 - 4.x)

·        SQL Server 2000


Application Server Environments:


·        Oracle 9iAS

·        Oracle Containers for J2EE - (OC4J)

·        Business Components For Java - (BC4J)

·        BEA WebLogic Platform

·        Sun’s J2EE SDK




·        Oracle Internet Directory

·        Oracle LDAP SDK - (PL/SQL and Java)

·        Netscape Directory Server

·        Netscape LDAP SDK - (Java)


Development Environments:


·        JDeveloper

·        IntelliJ IDEA

·        Designer/Developer 2000

·        Discoverer 4i

·        Visual FoxPro


Software Configuration Management:


·        Oracle Software Configuration Manager (formerly Oracle Repository)

·        CVS - (Solaris, WinCVS)

·        Continuus


Operating Systems:


·        UNIX - (SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux)

·        Windows NT/2000/XP

·        OpenVMS

·        Windows 95/98 and DOS


Volume Management:


·        Solstice DiskSuite

·        RAID on Linux - (md, raidtools, mdadm)

·        Logical Volume Manager




          Bachelor of Science, 1994, California State University, Stanislaus 


          Major: Computer Science

Associate of Arts, 1991, Modesto Junior College

          Major: General Education



Employment History


2002-2004                       CoManage Corporation, Wexford, PA

                                          Senior Database Administrator


Lead Database Administrator within the Engineering Department. Responsible for logical and physical design with a significant effort towards application and database tuning of the company’s flagship product, TrueSource. Major activities include advanced performance tuning, database design, capacity planning and establishing standards for Oracle installations, maintenance, tuning, and coding standards.



·        Performed analysis of current optimization model and provided recommendations to move to Oracle’s cost-based optimization. Lead the stress test initiative to evaluate the success of this approach.

·        Established and wrote the Performance Tuning guidelines for the Engineering Department to enhance the quality of our product for all current and future code development. This document includes hints for SQL and JDBC performance tuning, application tuning methodologies, determining instance and I/O efficiency, and using tools like STATSPACK, Precise/Indepth and TKPROF.

·        Designed and implemented a web based solution in Perl and DBI:DBD for capturing and reporting metrics from STATSPACK, Database Resource Manager, Shared Server Architecture (formerly known as Mutli-Threaded Server), latching and wait event statistics and the efficiency of the Shared Pool.

·        Developed and designed several Java packages to be included in the TrueSource product that provides automated database maintenance, backups, and tuning support.


1998-2002                         Marconi Communications, Warrendale, PA

                                          Senior Database Administrator


Accountable for the design, configuration and installation of all major production, development and test Oracle database environments on Sun Solaris platforms. Major activities include logical and physical database design, capacity planning, performance tuning, database security, disaster recovery, installation and ongoing maintenance with a special emphasis on web based server administration automation. Other activities include evaluating and selecting Oracle database tools responsible for database and application tuning, capacity planning and database stability.



·        Designed and implemented Web*DBA, a web based DBA tool that provides solutions to enterprise database management from a common interface. Some of the current modules include Tablespace Monitor, Change Management, Security Manager, Session Manager, Lock Manager, Utlstat and File IO.

·        Established standards for all Oracle database environments based on Oracle’s Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA). This initiative involved redesigning all new and legacy environments to adhere to these newly established standards.

·        Established and wrote the Database Administrators Procedures document for the IT department. This document outlines all standards for the DBA Group including installing/upgrading Oracle, creating databases, DBA tools, administration and monitoring, naming standards, policies, practices and procedures.

·        Redesigned a thorough backup and recovery strategy for all major production systems. This initiative involved the design and development of several UNIX shell scripts used for both physical and logical backups. Also included in this effort was the development of various recovery strategies that included media failure, user failure and block corruption.

·        Successfully maintain peak performance of all primary databases by providing advanced tuning methods, customized scripts, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Precise/SQL.


1997-1998                         Computer People, Pittsburgh, PA

                                          Computer Consultant


Key member of the Data Management Team for a major Specialty Steel Manufacturing Corporation. Responsible for coding, analyzing and troubleshooting production information systems. Provide programming and DBA support for migrating corporate wide applications from the IBM Mainframe to a client/server environment using Oracle 7, Pro*C and OpenVMS.



·        Designed, coded and converted various Pro*C programs from COBOL for use in the current Analysis Data Warehouse.

·        Successfully designed and developed a backup/recovery strategy and procedures for several Oracle 7 database instances.

·        Enhanced the performance of the company’s Oracle environment by providing advanced performance tuning and coding standards.


1994-1997                         Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Livermore, CA

                                          Computer Scientist/Math Programmer


Primary responsibilities included analyzing, designing, programming, testing and documenting financial information systems using the Oracle 7 toolset, C, UNIX and the World Wide Web. Supported all phases of the system lifecycle, including problem resolution, system fixes and major enhancements for existing production applications.



·        Optimized, automated and redesigned a cost accounting system from Oracle Forms 3.0/Korn Shell to the Web using Perl 5, Oraperl and PL/SQL.

·        Performed needed DBA tasks to redesign and tune an Oracle 6 database on a VMS host.

·        Managed a small group of developers responsible for researching and recommending solutions for the department’s current and future Oracle Web infrastructure.

·        Selected as task leader and programmer for converting extension scripts and C programs for the Oracle Financials from VAX/VMS to HP UNIX.

·        Implemented a secure infrastructure for developing transaction based financial applications in PL/SQL and Oraperl for use within the company’s newly created web based infrastructure.