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      Gavin has almost 20 years of Oracle experience. 13 years DBA and schema design experience, 6 years Web and GUI applications development plus a lot of Unix scripting and some Systems Administration on both Solaris and HP-UX using all shell types including extensive use of Perl.

Gavin is the author of various successful printed books, including Oracle High Performance Tuning for 9i and 10g, Database Warehouse Tuning for Oracle10g, Oracle SQL: Jumpstart with Examples for 10g, and Beginning Database Design (relational database modeling and design).





·        Oracle expertise: 7.34 to 10.2 in both production and development custom application environments on both NT/2000/2003 and Solaris, OLTP, data warehouse and client-server databases.

·        Extensive and very intense database administration, SQL coding, database modeling, and development experience.

·        Oracle installation, database creation and administration plus configuration tuning.

·        Backup and recovery using tablespace backups, standby, RMAN and exports. RMAN not preferred.

·        Migrations using SQL*LDR and scripting.

·        Oracle SQL*Net, Shared Servers and Oracle Names Service.

·        Extensive work with Oracle Enterprise Manager, Database Control, Spotlight - monitoring and tuning of all types.

·        Other: Standby (Data Guard), Replication, Streams, Partitioning. Databases up to 200GB+, lots of trouble-shooting and cleanup experience, years of schema design experience using ERwin, expert scripting experience in Perl and all Unix shell scripting variations.


·        BSc (Hons) Computer Science, University of Reading, England. Graduated July 1992. 

·        Oracle8i DBA Certified Professional – SQL and PL/SQL, Performance and Tuning, Backup and Recovery, Network Administration.

·        11 Brainbench Certifications –  Oracle 7.0 Administration, Oracle 8.0 Administration, Oracle 8i Administration, RDBMS Concepts, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, JavaScript, XML, Unix Korn Shell Scripting, VBScript, Object-Oriented Concepts.

·        Other Training - Java, Visual Basic 5, PowerBuilder, COBOL, part completed Geology Degree.



Software Techs., Internet .COM’s, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Mutual Funds, Lending Houses, Travel, Construction and Construction Procurement, Retail, Mining and Shipping, author and Oracle DBA consulting.




Oracle7.34 to Oracle10g/R2 database administration

Oracle OLTP database tuning

Data warehousing and data warehouse tuning

Data modeling – OLTP and data warehouse (Erwin, Visio)

SQL (some PL/SQL)

Database migrations

Ingres, PostGres, Sybase

Jasmine Object Database


Solaris and HP-UX (scripting/sendmail/DNS/Apache)





Over the last 20 years of application development, database administration, and writing technical books, the following SDKs and tools are still utilized on a daily basis. Prior to database administration experience, highly skilled programmer with over 10 years of development experience:


HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Java, Servlets, JSP, Java, C, ASP, XML, XSL, Perl, Unix/Linux shell scripting, AWK, report writers (Crystal, Actuate), Smalltalk, OpenRoad, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, Dbase, Clipper, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Paintshop, ERWin, Visio.




Employment History in Northern California (2000-2002)


Jun 2002 to Dec 2002. Worked on multiple Oracle10g for publication, both online and printed.


Seven Startup Companies – Nov 2000 to Jun 2002. San Francisco Bay Area. Senior Oracle DBA. Permanent, contract and consulting Oracle8i/9i DBA (production and development) on Solaris (some NT), some Systems Administration, extensive scripting, SQL and PL/SQL programming plus database design using ERwin. Databases from 10Gb up to 200Gb+.

·        Digitalthink (E-learning) - Apr 2002-Jun 2002. Oracle DBA between Development and Production doing tuning and migration on Solaris.

·        Clickaction (email marketing) - Nov 2001-Feb 2002.  Oracle DBA production support on Solaris. Mostly physical database tuning and cleanup work. There were a lot of problems due to severely under skilled DBA work in the past.

·        Startups (market research) - Jun 2001-Oct 2001. Oracle DBA production support and Solaris Unix Systems Administration. Enormous amount of cleanup work involving automated scripting.

·        Nominum (network/DNS providers) - Jan 2001-May 2001. Oracle DBA migration from PostGres to Oracle. Lay-off – company abandoned Oracle and stuck with PostGres and I was not interested in working with PostGres at the time.

·        Demandline (Ecommerce bulk service retailer) - Nov 2001-Dec 2001. Oracle DBA production support on NT/2000.

·        Consulting clients (printing, online auctioneer) – Nov 2000 to Jun 2002. Oracle DBA production support on Solaris and NT/2000.


Employment History in New York (1996-2000)


·        American Data Services (mutual fund) - Dec 99 to Oct 2000. Hauppauge, Long Island, New York. Oracle7/8i DBA on NT. Oracle DBA work on NT with heavy emphasis on overnight processing using PL/SQL code. Upgraded multiple Oracle databases from Oracle7 to Oracle8i. IIS administration and web development plus use of XML & XSL.

·        Computer Associates (software vendor) - Mar 99 to Nov 99. Islandia, Long Island, New York. Systems Engineer – Ingres  and Jasmine DBA (Object database) on NT plus Perl. Jasmine (Object Database), C, VB, Perl, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, JSP and Jasmine with Java. Research work in the Jasmine and worked on a rescue project written in Perl, brought to a very successful conclusion.

·        Computer Consulting Services (tech. consulting company placed at market research firm for 3 years) - Apr 96 to Feb 99. Atlanta, Georgia. Technical Consultant - Ingres DBA and Development on HP-UX. Database, SQL and front-end Development using Ingres. Additional use of Smalltalk, TROFF, HTML, IQ-Objects and documentation. Client server development. Marketing applications including scheduling, costing and database publishing.


Employment History in South Africa (1992-1996)

·        Randgold & Exploration (major gold mining company) - Feb 95 to Mar96. Johannesburg. Ingres and Oracle DBA on HP-UX. Performance testing between Ingres and Oracle. 

·        Secil Sul Shipping (shipping agent) - Dec 94 to Jan 95. Johannesburg. Freelance Consultant. Visual Basic, Clipper and DbaseIII/IV.

·        Checkers/Shoprite (major retailer) - Aug 94 to Nov 94. Capetown. Ingres DBA on HP-UX. 

·        Secil Sul Shipping (shipping agent) - May 94 to Jul 94. Johannesburg. Freelance Consultant. VB, Clipper and DbaseIII/IV.

·        EL Bateman's (major construction company) - Jan 93 to Apr 94. Johannesburg. Ingres and Oracle DBA on HP-UX. Performance testing between Ingres and Oracle.

·        Treasure Travel (travel agency) - Jul 92 to Dec 92. Johannesburg. Freelance Developer. VB, Clipper and DbaseIII/IV Development.


Employment History in England (1986-1992)

·        Attended Reading University, England - Graduated in June 1992. BSC HONS Computer Science.

·        Compsult (software developer) - Sep 88 to Aug 89. Winchester. Programmer/Analyst - RDBMS/SQL Development.

·        Criterion Business Systems (software developer) - Apr 86 to Aug 88. London. Programmer/Analyst - RDBMS/SQL Development.