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Edwin is an Oracle certified RAC expert with over two decades of database management experience and many years of progressive experience in RAC. Edwin offers a broad range of experience including Oracle eBusiness Suite DBA and he is expert in UNIX/Linux shell scripting and Apex, PL/SQL and C language programming.


Edwin Accomplishments


· 20 years experience in System and Data Architecture and Systems Integration, Database Administration - Oracle RDBMS RAC 11g, 10g (OCA certified), 9 ; Oracle Applications Server 11; Informix, Sybase and MS SQL Server, MySQL; implementation of database health-check, upgrades and performance tuning; OC4J java, active/passive clusters, SSO, http servers .

· 7 years advanced in-depth RAC expertise.

· 15 years experience in replicated and distributed databases, RMAN/Legato/Veritas/Omni backup; design and implementation of data recovery centers, capacity planning, standby databases, and database failover.

· 15 years experience in advanced UNIX and Database Systems monitoring and tuning using OEM Grid Control; implemented customized solutions and system monitoring tools

· 10 years total experience in development and design of complex systems including data modeling using thousands of database tables using Oracle tools - PL/SQL, PRO*C (6 years), SQL*Forms, Apex in Financial, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Internet, Manufacturing, Education, Government and Other Industry sectors.

· 9 years experience in UNIX/LINUX systems administration and installation.

· 8 years experience in Data Modeling.

· 6 years experience in Data Warehousing.

· 5 years experience in Oracle Applications eBusiness Suite.



· Updated System Architecture and tuned the database and application which successfully improved a query time from 8 hours and 4 minutes to 1.1 seconds using the same hardware. Similar improvements could be observed across other queries in this system, which allowed UNICA to implement significant savings on potentially required hardware upgrade and improve the user’s experience.

· Working for Oracle Corporation Global Consulting Division designed System Architecture changes decreasing the cost of required hardware by millions of dollars, resolved difficult performance tuning cases achieving up to 100 times faster processing. Prepared an internal training presentation for Oracle Corporation listing all steps required to stabilize Oracle RAC systems on Linux that was delivered to over 100 Oracle consultants.  This presentation became a standard for other consultants to resolve problems at multiple clients’ locations. I provided hands-on, in- depth training to clients in the use of Oracle tools including RAC, OEM Grid Control and Oracle Application Server.

· Working as independent consultant for UPS I supported development of System and Data Architecture for new MRC system loading data for all UPS parcels in parallel processing (20 million rows per hour), maintenance of 10TB Data Warehouse, implemented UNIX and Oracle standards, performance improvements increasing server throughput by 200%, worked on conversion of Data Warehouse Star Schema reports from proprietary system to Siebel Analytics, updated RMAN/Legato enterprise level backup architecture fixing stability problems, improvement of I/O configuration in EMC DLX storage array.

· Working for Yahoo/HotJobs supported 13 million concurrent users, improved database performance with up to 100 hits per second for internet applications, supported Yahoo proprietary database running parallel processing in matrix of 4x4 BSD servers, network pipes, designed and implemented systems monitoring and High Availability System Architecture using customized standby database to fail over between East and West Coast data centers. Significant savings were achieved by using 20 parallel data transfers connections using regular Internet, versus dedicated leased network.


November 2009 – Current:

Innstallation and support of support RAC 11.2 Data Guard, Streams and OEM Grid control 11.2, Data  Modeling - Embarcadero.

April 2009 – November 2009:

Independent Consultant

 Working for Mitsubishi worked on System Architecture to support SAP manufacturing system implementation.

 Supported installation and tuning of Oracle RDBMS 11/10 and RAC for HR Block, providing system health check, RMAN backup configuration, optimized data loads, implemented Oracle best practice for system configuration and database  optimization, RMAN, Data Guard, Standby Server, Oracle Applications, Application and Data Architecture. Implemented changes in system architecture for UNICA improving query performance from 8 hours to 1.1 sec.


May 2005 – April 2009:


Senior Principal Consultant - Oracle Corporation Global Consulting

Clients included fortune 500 enterprises such as Verizon and Verizon Wireless, Aventis, Harris, Schwab, LDS church, Bayer, EMC Corporation, NFL, Lexmark, Marriott, Pearson Education, Barnes and Nobel, Dunn and Bradstreet, Lexmark, and Paychex.


Resolved many critical Oracle database and UNIX/Linux/Windows system problems. Consistently rated as belonging to top 1% of Oracle Corporation consultants in yearly reviews. Frequently asked to return to previous clients supporting new projects. Specialized in System Architecture, installation, tuning and recovery of RAC (Sun Solaris, Linux, HP, AIX), RDBMS, Data Guard, Applications and RMAN Backup Systems, Data Encryption, HA. Designed and implemented updates to existing System Architecture, delivered training and documentation in areas of Database, System Monitoring, 

Performance Tuning and Database Consolidation. Deployed large installations of OEM Grid Control, Data Guard, Data Replication, and Oracle Application Server. Tuned Oracle Applications, assisted in People Soft software upgrade and tuning. Implemented database health check reviews at many critical Oracle accounts improving database performance, stability and manageability. Implemented Oracle best practice in database management, benchmarked database systems to meet and exceed client requirements. Oracle global consulting would charge for my time up to $380/hr. You can now achieve the same results for a small fraction of this cost. OCA Oracle certified.

Feb 2005 – May 2005:

Independent Consultant – Worked for multiple Customers supporting Oracle databases. 

Installed Oracle Applications 11.5.10 multi and single node, cloning, ADI, 10G Grid monitoring, setup Rman/Veritas Netbackup backup and recovery, Kintana/Mercury, disaster recovery, standby database, patches, applications support, resolution of problems, Linux and AIX system administration. Design and setup Project Web pages to centralize access to all information, implementations of  SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Senior DBA - 10G/OC4J, Oracle Financials 11i Jul. 2004 – Feb 2005

Supported RAC RDBMS, Production Architecture for 10G /9i Application server, installations, maintenance, upgrades, LDAP ODI security, customized reporting system, OC4J java software releases, performance tuning, Enterprise Manager 10G Grid monitoring (Linux, HP, Database, Oracle Applications, HTTP servers, Web Cache). Improved batch job performance from 7 days run time to 2 hours. Resolved performance problems that Oracle support could not fix for 6 months.

Senior System Architect, DBA Aug. 2003 - Jul. 2004

System Architecture Supporting UPS 10TB Data Warehouse (HP Superdome). Conversion of proprietary reporting system to Siebel Analytics – required performance fixes. Implemented new procedures for software development cutting new release time by 2 months, improving system performance-load 20 million rows in 1 hour, a 200% improvement. Created Star Schema data models, defragmented databases removing row chaining, implemented composite data partitioning schema using range/list sub-partition improving performance and decreasing maintenance by implementation of templates, automated changes to new production release, worked on upgrade from Oracle 8 to 9, fixed Enterprise level RMAN backup that protects data for 50 production servers, tripled HP Superdome performance (HP showcase for UNIX tuning)

Senior DBA Jul. 2002 - Jul. 2003

Supported operations of Yahoo/ implementing high availability 24 x 7 environment, Veritas Cluster, performance improvements, 9.0 database upgrades, backup and recovery, server clusters, web development/administration, standby database, Oracle Financials, Application Server 9i, version control. Customized database running in 4x4 BSD servers matrix. Created Data Disaster Recovery Center in Washington D.C. replicating data in real time from over 40 servers from California. Improved query performance in critical HotJobs application area. Replicated and managed Oracle, MySQL, Thunderstone, Alta Vista databases. Implemented Netcool monitoring of database operations to decrease maintenance cost. Created and redesigned data model for HotJobs application using Erwin. Fixed critical production database errors, recovered databases from crash, implemented improvements to database operation procedures, upgraded databases from version 8i to 9i, created database standards, java deployment support.

 Mar 2002 - Jul. 2002
Senior Architect, DBA, UNIX Administrator and Data Modeler

Managing orders for high bandwidth cable connection. System and Architecture documentation Developed data conversion from SQL Server to Oracle environment. Created physical and logical data model, design and implementation


Senior DBA Team Leader Mar. 2001 - Mar. 2002

Managed a team of 3 DBA’s for supporting 2 large production systems – Oracle Financials 11i and Remedy – with 900 users. Developed System Architecture and Data Models to support marketing system and data exchange between systems. Implemented in two weeks Oracle Financials upgrade from A to F level that the company could not implement in previous 6 months. In 4 weeks implemented Remedy upgrade that could not be installed by Remedy administrators during previous 12 months. In the process improved system performance by 30 times. Recovered crashed production databases. Created Backup and Recovery strategy, RMAN scripts, Data models, implemented OEM. Provided problem resolution – Application and Client software (ADI, SQL*Net, ODBC). Developed procedures to support HR, AP, AR, GL, Implemented version control.

Senior System Architect, Oracle DBA, Data Modeler, System Administrator

Worked as consultant on the most strategic projects for Data Warehouse, Telecommunication, Integrations and Software Development Practice.
Listed below are highlights from some of Business Edge projects:

Working for AT&T implemented performance improvements for AT&T’s CRM database increasing database writes from 600 B/s to 2GB’s for systems with up to 5000 users. Provided Veritas installation training for newly hired UNIX administrator. Implemented RMAN, OEM. Support for 5 24 x 7 large OTLP databases used by AT&T through WEB servers.

Supporting Prudential prepared System Architecture Design and Documentation, Data Model and detailed design for system providing internet access to insurance policies for Prudential agents utilizing Java, JDBC XML, Rational Rose, Sybase, and Oracle Designer.

Delivered System Integration and Architecture, Application design for Schering-Plough , DSL.NET

Designed Data Warehouse for  CompuServe and Simon & Schuster  - created System and Data Architecture, Design and Star Schema Data Model for CompuServe 2 TB data warehouse using Oracle, HP-UX and EMC for Worldwide System Networks delivering working software on schedule, exceeding required performance by 2 times and limiting pre-production software fixes to 2 days. Created coding standards to support high quality of coding. Managed 4 programmers working on the full project cycle.

Working for SNET designed System Architecture for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for Order Entry data exchange in the telecommunication industry, system and setup of development environment, Rational Rose modeling.

AT&T - Senior System Architect and DBA -Independent Contract Jun. 1993 - Dec. 1994

System and Data Architecture for AT&T Data Warehouse including design, updates and database administration using 9 Oracle database servers containing over 100 GB of distributed databases supporting 160 users and 7 programmers. Developed operational procedures.


OS: HP-UX 11i/11, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3,4,5, Solaris 2.9 - 2.51, AIX, BSD, NCR UNIX, AT&T UNIX, Windows XP, 2000, NT, 9.x, VAX VMS

Software: RAC 11/10/9. Oracle 11/10/9/8/7/6, Data Guard, OEM Grid Control, Oracle Applications 11i/11, Oracle Application Server 10G/9i, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Kintana/Mercury, OC4J, Remedy 4.5, Rational Rose, RAC/OPS Parallel Server, EM