Donald Keith Burleson

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Don Burleson is one of the world’s leading Oracle experts, working as a full-time DBA since 1983.  A retired adjunct professor emeritus, he has authored five of the officially authorized Oracle Press books, more than 30 books on Oracle database management, plus hundreds of articles in national magazines, and he is a popular lecturer at international database conferences.  

As a corporate database consultant, Don has worked with numerous Fortune 500 corporations creating robust database architectures for mission-critical systems.  Don serves as CTO of Burleson Consulting (www.dba-oracle.com) which includes a popular Remote DBA service (remote-dba.net).

Don is also a noted expert on Oracle web technology systems, and he has been instrumental in the development of numerous Web-based systems that support thousands of concurrent users.

A popular lecturer and teacher and a frequent speaker at international database conferences, Burleson wrote the "Officially Authorized by Oracle Press" books on Oracle Unix Administration, Oracle Tuning, Oracle SQL Tuning and Oracle Application Server Administration.


Professional Certifications

  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Licensed FCC radiotelephone operator
  • Certificate in Data Processing (CDP)
  • Certified Systems Professional (CSP)
  • Certified Oracle Database Administrator
  • FAA Licensed Private Pilot
  • North Carolina Licensed Auctioneer

Expert IT Skills 

  • Oracle6 through Oracle12c database administration and management.

  • SQL*Plus, SQL and PL/SQL programming and development.
  • UNIX Systems (HP/UX, Oracle Solaris, AIX, Linux) administration
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), TAF
  • SQL*Net, SQL*Net, TCP/IP, CICS and IDMS-DC. 
  • Basic, Fortran, Shell scripting, SAS, sed, awk and many others. 
  • HP-9000, IBM 30xx, IBM 43xx, IBM-PC, IBM RS6000, IBM S70, all HP/UX and Solaris  architectures , EMC Data Storage devices
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) consulting including:

    • Determining the Oracle RAC architecture

    • Choosing the best RAC servers and hardware

    • Configuring the Distributed Lock Manager (DLM)

    • Configuring the raw disks for Oracle RAC

    • Installing Oracle RAC software

    • Installing and testing Oracle Transparent Application Failover (TAF)

    • Performance tuning for Oracle Real Application  Clusters (RAC)



  • Experienced classroom trainer and Oracle instructor.  A former Professor Emeritus of Information Systems, taught more than 100 University courses and regularly conducts in-house Oracle training.

  • Expert in Oracle performance tuning, SQL tuning and Real Application Clusters (RAC) specializing in tuning and monitoring for high availability.

  • Extensive performance tuning experience, specializing in instance tuning, Oracle RAC tuning and SQL optimization.

  • Author of more than 30 database books and numerous Oracle training courses.

  • Extensive experience with designing and implementing Oracle databases, including systems architect, project management, data warehouse design, implementation and tuning.


  • Master of Business Administration - May 1983, University of New Mexico, Information Systems concentration

  • Bachelor of Arts - December 1979, University of New Mexico, Psychology major

Academic Publications:

  • D. K. Burleson, S. K. Kassicieh and R. J. Lievano, "Design and Implementation of A Decision Support System for Academic Scheduling," Information & Management, Vol. 11, No. 2, 1986, pp. 57-64.

  • D. K. Burleson, S. K. Kassicieh and R. J. Lievano, "A Decision Support System for Academic Scheduling," Technological Horizons in Education Journal, June 1986, pp. 74-77.

  • Burleson, D., "SQL generators", Database Programming & Design, July 1993.

  • Burleson, D., "Performance & Tuning Strategies for the Very Large database", database Programming and Design, October 1989.

  • Burleson, D., Kassicieh, S, "A Decision Support System for Scheduling", Proceedings of the International Conference, Operations Research Society of America, Chicago, Ill, 1983.

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Employment History

1986 – Present  - Oracle Consultant/Trainer

Consulting for many Fortune 500 Corporations of mission-critical Oracle database systems, specializing in performance tuning, database architectures and system-wide optimization.

1998-2003  - Editor

Oracle Internals Magazine, Auerbach Publications, New York, NY

Responsible for acquiring and editing technical Oracle articles, preparing magazine outline and determining magazine content.


1997-1999       Senior Database Administrator

Revlon, Oxford, NC

Assisted with the design, implementation and support a multi-terabyte point-of-sale data warehouse, performing database design, implementation, and the creation and tuning of data aggregation mechanisms.   Also had Oracle DBA responsibility for a massively parallel Oracle/SAP database using Oracle Parallel Server.  Supported Oracle developers, performed database tuning, created database reorganization procedures, database alert scripts, monitoring scripts and backup procedures.  Also developed a method for configuring EMC disk arrays for data warehouses and created a system for detecting I/O bottlenecks.


1995-1997       Senior Database Administrator

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY

Responsible for the database administration of three critical Kodak servers including two very large Oracle data warehouses.  Responsible for the evaluation and implementation of Oracle alert monitors.  Duties included all aspects of Oracle database administration including performance & tuning, Oracle installation and Oracle upgrade, database maintenance, and database recovery.


1994-1995       Senior Database Administrator

Paychex Incorporated, Rochester, NY

Assisted with database administration for a nation-wide distributed system of more than 300 Oracle databases.  Gathered statistics and wrote UNIX scripts to compress, backup and maintain the remote databases.  Developed a performance & tuning system using for Oracle, implemented role-based security, and established SQL*Net version 2.


1988-1994       Database Administrator

Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, Rochester, NY

Responsible for database administration for a large and complex database system using Oracle6 and Oracle7, IDMS, IDMS/R and DB2.  Responsibilities included performance & tuning, database design, data modeling, database installation, technical support, and investigation of new technologies.  Served as a project leader on five critical system development projects, delivering all systems on time and under budget.  Also managed the creation of a Decision Support System that was used by top management to decide long-term company goals.  Actively involved in system downsizing projects, and solely responsible for the migration of three systems from the IBM mainframe to UNIX and PC platforms.  Also worked with PC-based database development with rBase and FoxPro 2.5.


1985-1988       Database Architect

Shepard's McGraw-Hill, Colorado Springs, CO

Responsible for the implementation, maintenance, design extensions and support of a large, mission critical IDMS database system.  Responsibilities included, data modeling, data administration, database design, performance & tuning, and system security.  Developed an expert system for automatically detecting database performance problems.


1983-1985       Analyst/Programmer II

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM

Served as a junior DBA for IDMS database administration and technical support for a large university information system.  Assisted in database design, database restructuring and maintenance, programmer training and system security.  Responsible for database installation, database upgrades and software maintenance. 

1981-1983       Graduate Assistant

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM

Created and maintained database systems using IDMS and SAS which were used for academic scheduling and scientific research.




1997-1998       - Oracle Series Editor - Coriolis Publishing Group, Scottsdale, AZ

Responsible for developing a series of books on Oracle database management.  Duties include the location of authors, book content planning, technical editing and marketing.


1988-1996       - Adjunct Mentor - Empire State College, Rochester, NY

Tutored and evaluate undergraduate college students in computer science, information systems, and programming courses.


1982-1988       - Adjunct Professor Emeritus  - Webster University, Albuquerque NM, Colorado Springs CO, Denver CO

Taught more than 50 graduate level courses in Computer Resource Management, Systems Analysis, Systems Planning, Database Design and Application Development. 


1983-1985       - Adjunct Faculty - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM

Taught courses in Business computer systems, systems analysis & design, and management information systems.




Personal Biography

Donald Burleson has a wide variety of interests including long-range rifle competition, golf, snow skiing, target shooting, aviation, animal training, antique collecting, wood carving and eCommerce. 
Burleson loves to collect antiques and has taken extensive classes in antique identification and appraisal. 



Don is also a licensed North Carolina auctioneer and he enjoys the fast-paced and exciting ritual of running an auction.

Avid animal lovers, Don and Janet Burleson have four dogs, too many cats, 49 horses and sundry domesticated wildlife including "Chuck" a friendly woodchuck.

They also rescue crippled dwarf miniature horses and provide them with lifelong care.  Don's wife Janet is a retired professional horse trainer and they specialize in training Polish Arabian performance horses.

Don and Janet have trained several champions including "Dude" their rare Black Arabian Stallion.


Don and Janet also help to create the Guide Horse Foundation, an organization that developed a program for training Guide Horses for the blind.

Don worked for many years in experimental psychology under the supervision of Professor Frank Logan, former chairman of the Yale Department of Psychology and an animal learning expert.


  Don provided the theory while Janet supplied practical training expertise, and this team approach proved successful in training horse to perform complex tasks.