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Chris is a Harvard graduate with a Masters of Science degree and extensive Oracle DBA experience.  Chris has a TOP-SECRET Security clearance specializes in Oracle executive management and strategic consulting.
Harvard College - BA.  Major in Philosophy. 
                                   Other studies: Industrial Relations, Creative Writing,
                                   Soviet Studies.
Michigan State University - 1981 MS.  Major in Natural Resource
                                    Economics (Forestry).  Other studies: Economics,
                                    Business Methods, Linear Programming,
                                    Macro & Micro Economics, Statistics.

- Top Secret DISA SSBI 8/960
- FBI Top Secret 4/98
- A new TS clearance has been applied for 1/15/03.


Chris has over twenty years of Database Development and DBA experience using Oracle (versions 6.0 to 9i), SQL Server and MS Access in Gov’t and Commercial environments.  Chris has over twenty years experience in Systems and Application Development in Gov’t research environments using a variety of computer systems and languages including VB.Net, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), PowerBuilder, FORTRAN, COBOL, NELLIAC, SQL, PL/SQL and Assembler.  Chris has recent experience developing web based applications with Microsoft’s new VB.Net product.  Chris has experience with Oracle’s Enterprise Manager (OEM), Designer/2000, Irwin and System Architect database design tools.  He has experience with Microsoft’s Visual Source Safe configuration manager and the PVCS system used on UNIX systems.  Chris has some project management experience and has occasionally taught Database related courses, such as Relational Database Design, Introduction to MS Access, Oracle Report Writer, etc. Chris presented a paper at the Oracle IOUW Conference in San Francisco in 1994.  Chris has held top secret clearances (SSBI) in the past an has an updated TS clearance in progress.  Chris is currently pursuing Oracle 9i DBA certification and has passed the first exam in a 4 exam series.
12/23/02 - Present
Senior Software Engineer
Chris works at SAIC’s Heath and Enterprise Solutions sector as a senior Oracle Database consultant, CHCS DBA and Software Engineer on projects for CITPO, the Defense Department group that oversses all service medical systems, the Navy Army Medical Center in Bethesda and the US Coast Guard.  These projects have involved developing web based surveys, upgrading existing VB 6.0 medical systems and upgrading systems that interface with the Tricare CHCS health care system to use encryption for file transfer.  Chris currently is working as a CHCS DBA for the Coast Guard overseeing 31 clinical databases.
12/7/01 – 12/21/02
Oracle Database Administrator
Chris worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center on the Outcomes Management project as a senior Oracle Database Administrator for the Integrated Consolidated Data Base (ICDB).  He, and another SAIC DBA, were responsible for the maintenance and support of the ICDB and 4 test Oracle 8i databases.  Chris was primarily responsible for supporting the developers (maintaining the 4 test databases, “sanitizing” test data, sql query optimization, etc. ) and assisting the other DBA in migrating and maintaining the ICDB production database.  Chris used Oracle’s Enterprise Manager to schedule periodic jobs, monitor database performance and assist tuning efforts. 
Chris also assisted the project leader in developing security and privacy policies that apply both to the database and the applications that use it.  Chris, for the Army, installed, tested and deployed the ICDB web server, interface server and database software to two remote sites.
07/00 – 12/7/02
Senior Application Developer
Chris was assigned to the FBI CODIS project as a senior developer.  This project maintains and enhances the FBI database and applications used for DNA searches.  Chris has maintained and enhanced 5 of the CODIS modules, one for mitochondrial DNA searches, one for developing test data and three for viewing DNA matches.  These modules were written in Visual Basic version 6.0 and accessed a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database.  Chris developed a new Web based module for entering Specimen data from a browser such as Internet Explorer 5.0 using Microsoft’s  Chris developed software test scripts using Rational Robot.
10/99 – 7/00
Senior Systems/Database Analyst
Chris was assigned to the CERTAN project at NIH as the Database Administrator for the NIDCR Institute at NIH and as a System Developer for the Office of Federal Advisory Committee Policy (OFACP) of the Director of NIH.
For NIDCR, Chris converted an Oracle Version 7 database to Oracle Version 8, completed, enhanced and tested a complex denormalization script that transferred and compressed data from a central Oracle database to a local NT Oracle server.  He did extensive performance improvements to the local NT database.  Chris also tuned the NT Server on which the database runs to triple the database performance, and provided full technical documentation to support the operation of the database.  He wrote 2 PL/SQL database procedures for this project as well.  Chris transferred the running of the denormalization scripts from Windows NT to Unix Servers operated by NIH’s Central Information & Technology group and tested this new Unix capability with the MS Access front-end application (DOCRS).  This transfer eliminated the need for the local NT Server and a large amount of network traffic.
For the OFACP, Chris provided support in the design and development of the Committee Management Reporting System (CMRS).  CMRS is a secure client-server query and reporting system that uses MS Access 97 as its front-end and uses ODBC to connect to the NIH’s Oracle 8i IMPACII OLTP database as its back-end.  CMRS allows users to easily create and execute complex standard and ad hoc reports on current and past committees and members that are either currently serving on a committee, have served in the past, or may serve in the future.  Chris developed the CMRS to allow for seamless integration with Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Word for further data manipulation for presentations and electronic distributions.  Chris also developed the CMRS user manual.  
02/98 – 10/99
Senior Systems/Database Analyst
Chris was assigned to the FBI/III special functions project, a 3 person (1 manager, 2 developers) team designing 5 small applications for the FBI. Chris designed, developed, tested and installed 3 of these applicaitons using MS Access in an NT client/server environment.  Two of these applications are data entry and reporting systems, while the third is a real time monitoring and reporting system.  These applications require extensive knowledge of database secuity issues and have been designed to meet C2 levels.  These applications were successfully integrated and delivered to the FBI headquarters in Clarksburg, WV.  Chris was given a Certificate Of Apprecitation on 7/99 for his work on this project.
Chris has been getting on-going training in SAIC’s SEI level 3 software development and CMMI procedures.  Chris volunteered for, and served on, the SAIC’s Awards and Recognition committee.   Chris presented a “Introduction to MS Access” brown bag briefing for SAIC employees.
02/96 - 02/98
Trident Data Systems
Senior Database Developer
Chris drafted a database security manual for a major National bank.  Worked on a NIMA (National Imaging and Mapping Agency) contract designing the NIMA Phase II database for their network control center.  This work was done using Oracle’s Designer 2000 and Oracle 8 database.  Served as the Database Administrator for 4 production and 3 test databases on a Unix based DEC Alpha.  Chris upgraded these databases from Oracle version 7.1.4 to 7.1.6 and oversaw the testing of the converted versions.  Chris developed and taught an Intro To MS Access course and a Database Design course and developed a small application in MS Access to capture student evaluations.  Chris did some Perl programming and worked on MS certification in Access 97 and passed the MS Networking Essentials exam on 2/5/98. 
Earlier, Chris enhanced the reporting system for a large Oracle Forms based application.  Chris also developed an in‑house system in PowerBuilder 4.0 to track employee training and monitor career training and planning.  Chris developed and taught a course for Trident Employees entitled “Introduction to PowerBuilder” and gave a briefing entitled "Introduction To Databases".  Chris installed Windows 95 on in‑house PC's and configured them for Networking and internet access.  On August 1997, Chris passed a test on NeXTStep Office Applications which included word processing, e-mail, presentation and database applications.  In April and September of 1997, Chris was awarded a “WOW” award for superior performance.  Successfully completed an SSBI on 8/96.

1981 – 1996
USDA Forest Service
Senior Database Developer
Chris was a member of the Program Development & Budget Staff, a 3 person team that designed developed, and implemented a large relational database (Oracle) system to support the National Forest Service budget.  Chris used Oracle CASE tools to model the next version of this system for deployment on an IBM RS/6000/AIX client/server system.  Chris has extensive experience in all aspects of Oracle database application development including Forms, ReportWriter, SQLPlus, PL/SQL, and CASE Designer 2000 (modeler, designer and generator).  Chris  performed performance tuning on Oracle Forms and Reports which saved the Gov't millions of dollars in computer resources.  Chris served as  Oracle DBA on a Data General AOS/VS minicomputer serving 300 users.  Chris also supported a local network of 8 IBM PC's and 2 Mac's.  Chris taught courses in Oracle Report Writer and delivered a paper at the 1994 Oracle International User Week Conference.  Chris has attended many Oracle sponsored classes on its database and CASE products.  Chris also has NeXTStep, UNIX and Internet/WWW experience.
1980 – 1981
USDA Forest Service
MS Degree Candidate - Michigan State University
Chris was enrolled in a Forest Service sponsored educational program that resulted in a MS degree in Forestry (Natural Resource Economics).  Obtained a 3.8 grade point average and was admitted to the Alpha PSI Forestry Honor Society.
1978 – 1980
USDA Forest Service
Computer Specialist - Resource Program & Assessment Staff
Chris served as the sole Computer Specialist for the FS staff that provides Congress with a report on the resources managed by the Forest Service and its 5-year plan for Forest Management.  Chris developed and ran large linear programming models and prepared the results for management review.  Chris developed a highly successful reporting system that allowed resource data to be more effectively used by budget analysts and managers throughout the Organization.

Chris is an active member of a non-profit organization where he regularly speaks to an audience of 200+ people, handles the organization’s books sales for the DC area, and has been the local president on 3 separate occasions.

Completed the following CBT courses in Oracle 8/8i May 2000
·        Oracle8 - Networking and Migration
·        Oracle8 - Object Technologies
·        Oracle8 Admin - Clusters, Auditing, NLS
·        Oracle8 Admin - Create Tables & Indexes
·        Oracle8 Admin - Data Intgrty & Load Tech
·        Oracle8 Admin - Explore Dbase Structure
·        Oracle8 Admin - Managing Storage
·        Oracle8 Admin - Privileges and Roles
·        Oracle8 Admin - Rollback & Temp Segmts
·        Oracle8 Admin - Usrs & Profiles
·        Oracle8 Admin - Fundamentals
·        SQL Programming - Data Handling
·        SQL Programming - Database Queries
Completed the following CBT courses in Oracle 9i February 2003
·        Architecture and Administration Tools in Oracle9i 
·        Availability Features in Oracle9i 
·        Backup and Recovery Overview and Configuration in Oracle9i 
·        Data Storage in Oracle9i
·        Database Structures in Oracle9i 
·        Development Platform in Oracle9i
·        Introducing Oracle9i Database
·        Manageability Enhancements in Oracle9i
·        Oracle8i Performance Tuning: Measuring Performance 
·        Tables and Indexes in Oracle9i
·        Transporting and Loading Data in Oracle9i
·        Users and Profiles in Oracle9i
Other Courses
·        Passed the MS Networking Essentials exam - 2/5/1998
·        Software Quality Assurance Overview – 2/6/01
·        Team Building Overview – 3/1/01
·        Programming a SQL Server 2000 Database – New Horizons 6/14/2001
·        Software Engineering Principles – 8/19/2001
·        Passed the Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL exam - 9/20/2002
·        CMMI Overview For Managers – 10/23/02
·        Integrated Requirements Development & Mgmt Overview (VER 3) - 1/22/2003
·        Complete SAIC Mandatory HIPPA training 4/4/03