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Mladen is a long term Oracle DBA, with more than 14 years database administration and system administration experience.  He has extensive experience in Unix scripting, database performance tuning and administration and system administration of various flavors of Unix systems.  Mladen is a long time member of  the Oracle list and a consultant with more than 17 years of professional IT experience.  He has a bachelor degree in mathematics and is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP).




  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)



Senior Oracle DBA, 8i  OCP certified, experienced in providing Oracle support on HP-UX, Linux, Solaris AIX and Win2k, as well as performing a lead roles in production support teams.

·         Installed, configured, upgraded, migrated and patched  Oracle databases in heterogeneous environment. Extensive experience with RDBMS, RAC, installations, RMAN, OEM, DataGuard, database tuning and troubleshooting.

·         Development support, production support, and  design review in a complex environment.

·         Plan, Implement and test disaster recovery system, using RMAN and custom written shell scripts. Create and maintain Oracle DataGuard configuration.

·         Database monitoring and tuning, application and queries using TKPROF, OEM, STATSPACK and custom scripts.

·         Extensive  experience in tuning  complex OLTP database with several thousands of concurrent users. Some experience in creating, maintaining and tuning data warehouse databases. In particular, experience with both RAC and OPS.

·         Experienced in evaluating, reviewing and assisting developers create data models.



Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g.

Operating systems: HP-UX  11.0, AIX  4.3.3  and 5.2, Solaris 2.6 and 2.7, Linux RH-9, RH EL 2. and 3.0, Fedora Core 2 and 3, SuSE 8.0, Windows NT 4.0 and  Windows 2000


Programming using SQL, C,UNIX Shell Scripting,  Perl, PL/SQL, HTML and PHP.




November 2004 to December 2005. , Sr. Oracle DBA, Allegient Systems International

Install, load, monitor and troubleshoot company's Oracle  databases.  Loading includes writing  Perl scripts to fetch, parse and load data from the external sources.  Supported databases were on Linux and Solaris.  Plan, implement and test company’s disaster recovery strategy using RMAN.

·         Production support, and Database System infrastructure development.

·         Monitoring and tuning from instance to query level by OEM, Tora, EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, ANALYZE, DBMS_STAT,  TKPROF and so on . As a part of  R&D for the company, I installed the necessary software and created  RAC system on RH EL 3.0. I created Linux RAC database from scratch.

·         RMAN backup. In particular, I re-wrote refresh of so-called reporting database (daily copy of production) using RMAN. Before RMAN, it was done by export/import.

·         Perl scripting, shell scripting and PL/SQL  programming  to resolve business problems of various nature.

·         Initial 10G exploration and testing.



July 2004 to November 2004, Sr. Oracle DBA, Premium IT

This was short term consulting job at A&E TV network. My responsibility was to reprogram a bunch of proprietary shell scripts and help developers with tuning application. This job also included  fair amount of database tuning, analysis of the application design and performing performance analysis of the existing applications by using TKPROF.



August 2003 to July 2004., Sr. Oracle DBA, Wang Trading LLC

·         Install, load,  monitor and troubleshoot  company's  two Oracle  9.2.05 databases. Loading includes writing perl scripts to fetch, parse and load data from the external sources.  Databases are on Linux.

·         Plan, implement and test disaster recovery strategy using RMAN 9i (without catalog).

·         Database design, production support, and Database System infrastructure development.

·         Monitoring and tuning from instance to query level by OEM, Tora, EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, ANALYZE, DBMS_STAT,  TKPROF and so on .

·         Use Migration Workbench for SQL Server to migrate  a small SQL Server database to Oracle.



May 1999 to July 2003, Sr. Oracle DBA, Oxford Health Plans.

·         Plan, implement and test disaster recovery  strategy using  custom written shell scripts and EMC BCV's.

·         Migrate database from Oracle 7.3.4 on Siemens/Reliant Unix to Oracle 8i on HP-UX.

·         Plan, test, help and support migrating Oracle*Forms environment from Dev2000 to Developer 6i.

·         Monitor, support and perform critical 7x24 beeper duty on the company's complex OPS database on HP 9000/N hardware. Monitoring was done by OEM,  STATSPACK and custom made scripts. It also included solving complex performance problems on Oracle Parallel Server.

·         Supervise, coordinate and control a team of two junior DBAs performing developer support and end-user support.

·         Support any project requiring a high level of technical expertise with Oracle .



January 1999 to  May 1999.,  Oracle DBA,  Flexi International Software.

·         Support the development of financial software and it's porting to Oracle.

·         Help developers in porting applications from Sybase and MS SQL Server to Oracle. Port stored procedures and triggers from Transac/SQL to PL/SQL Advise management of technical direction and best development practices.

·         Suggest changes to the application model in order to achieve the optimal performance. Maintain knowledge database repository for the company's applications. Be technical support for developers, quality control and customers.



March 1997 to December 1998. Oracle DBA at Interal Corp. (Consulting position at FTI in New York City).

·         Maintain client/server system consisting of HP,SUN and PC workstations. Perform ORACLE  administration. Maintain performance and security of ORACLE databases.

·         Install and configure ORACLE  software  on Unix (HP and SUN) and PC (Win95 and NT40) environments.

·         Perform disaster planning, enroll new users, maintain space within the database, suggest and implement backup strategy to maximize security and safety.

·         Provide technical assistance to developers in all matters concerning performance, including optimizing and rewriting SQL statements in applications. Assist and partially write applications using Oracle WebServer 2.1 and PL/SQL toolkit provided with it.



Positions held prior to arriving in the USA:


Colt Telecom, London UK September 1996 – March 1997, Oracle DBA

Telstra UK , London UK    May 1996 – September 1996, Oracle DBA

Aster, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 1993 – April 1996, Pre-sales support consultant.

KOPA, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, March 1989. - May 1993.

CAOP Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, 1985 – February 1989.