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Don Burleson Blog 








 Database Engineer becomes an international job title

7 January 2009

Everyone knows that the web is not a reliable place to seek technical information, and it's the butt of many jokes in popular media.  Saying something like "It's true, I verified it on Wikipedia" will evoke laughter in any crowd.

However, this problem is now taking-on different dimensions as people begin prestigious titles.  The titles of "doctor", "lawyer" and "CPA" are legally enforced by statute, and there are widely different laws relating to using "reserved words" in your professional title.

In the USA, many job titles designate a certification, and  we all know the words "CPA", "Architect", "Engineer", "Policeman" and "Dentist" and "Optometrist" all denote a licensed professional. 

Professional titles and international boundaries

While some countries have strict licensing regulations for professional titles, some countries have no such hang-ups.  These are countries where citizens may legally call themselves whatever they want.  Want to be an architect?  No problem, just say-so, and it's true.

To understand these International differences in qualification and requirements, Mr. Poder notes his reasons on why he feels that he is qualified to use the title of "database engineer":

I like this definition of Engineer from Princeton:  "a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems"

Btw, I just have self-proclaimed myself as a Database Engineer.

I can't proclaim myself a Database Expert, because this is for others to decide, buf [sic] I sure do use scientific knowledge for solving practical problems, so I AM a Database Engineer!!!

In America, being a professional engineer is a prestigious achievement, indicative of someone who dedicated many years to the study their profession. At a minimum, you must complete a rigorous four year degree in Engineering and passing a State licensing exam to be an engineer. 

When shopping in a overseas market, anything goes, and you need to be careful to evaluate anyone of proffers a professional title.  Evaluating the credentials of a foreign expert can often be difficult, due to overlapping degrees.  An MD from Macedonia is likely to have a far different skill set than an MD from  America, so even the verification of a degree does not always indicate qualification. 

In the link above, we see that there are some Oracle professionals question the credibility of self-appointed job titles:

“Anyone who pimps their title like that is, de facto, a dud.”

Caveat Emptor

Because of these widely differing licensing issues in over a hundred different nations, the credentials of people who proffer impressive titles should be carefully examined.

Just like the coward who wears a combat medal for bravery that they never earned, or a janitor who calls himself a Custodial Engineer, some self-proclaimed scientists and engineers may not be what they appear.

Verifying the credibility of Oracle information on the web is a big problem, as many foreign countries hand-out impressive titles to laymen whose skill bear little resemblance to a real American engineer. 

If you suspect that a scientist or engineer is unqualified, you can just Google for their credentials.  Remember, real Oracle experts are proud of their experience and credentials, while fakers will take great pains to hide their resumes.

It's always good advice to avoid anyone who claims to be an expert, scientist or engineer, yet refuses to publish their credentials.



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