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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle Certified Master accused of content theft

Oracle News by Burleson Consulting

August 17, 2015

There is a common misconception that vendors conduct a background check on the people that they honor with accolades such as the Microsoft MVP, Oracle ACE, and Oracle Certified Master awards.  In reality, Oracle ACEs, and Oracle professionals must remember that a vendor accolade is not intended to be a sign of trustworthiness.

  • In 2004 the Oracle community was robbed by fake Oracle expert Ed Haskins, posing as the fictional Oracle guru Robert Allan.  His scam defrauded the Oracle community out of tens of thousands of dollars.

  • In 2006, Oracle ACE Lutz Hartmann was a victim of a Microsoft MVP named Stephen Wynkoop, and he published his outrage that having his work used in a profit-making scheme.

  • In 2006, Oracle ACE Director Dr. Tim Hall was robbed  by Ankit Patel, a fake Oracle expert who stole his entire web site, changing only the the name from Dr. Tim Hall to Dr. Ankit Patel.

  • In 2009, Flavia D'Souza plagiarized content from Donald K. Burleson and falsely copyrighted it as her original work, publishing it in a book with Lulu publishing. 

  • Now in 2015, a host of Oracle experts have accused OCM Guenadi N Jilevski of rampant plagiarism and content theft.

While content theft is not a crime, some Oracle consumer fraud is criminal like the phony Oracle expert Robert Allan.  An eWeek investigation revealed that Robert Allen was a ruse masterminded by a failed Oracle DBA named Ed Haskins who used this alias to troll for his victims.

In this Internet age you cannot trust self-appointed Oracle experts, and I recommend these techniques to separate real experts from posers. 

In a nutshell, real Oracle experts are proud of their credentials and work experience while posers will hide their resumes, claiming that they are not relevant.  On the surface, Oracle posers look legitimate, and some even use their real name, but hide their resumes to evade being caught.

Robert Allen
Oracle Security Expert

My name is Robert Allen, and I’m the Founder of OraSecure, Inc.  With over 9 years of trial and error from painstaking research, I’m now acknowledged as a promising top expert in the field of Oracle database security.

For the past 7 years, I've consulted dozens of Fortune 1000 companies on all areas of Oracle Database Administration.  The areas I've focused my most attention to are Oracle Security Features and Security Audits. 

I've personally audited over 400 Oracle instances over the years, as well as taught and mentored more than 80 DBAs to do the same.


The latest incident of alleged content theft

Oracle bloggers Timur Akhmadeev, Charles Hooper, Dom Brooks, and Alex Gorbachev have accused Oracle Certified Master  Dr. Guenadi N Jilevski of stealing Oracle Copyrighted content off of the Internet and re-publishing it as his own original work. 

Dr. Jilevski is accused of stealing from many notable Oracle authors.  Oracle expert Dom Brooks notes:

“Looks like most of his content is nicked.

Had a quick scan & most of the stuff is apparently duplicated from elsewhere – several Burleson articles, some from Tim Hall, Arup Nanda, etc. Although occasionally, a word here and there has been changed.”

Alex Gorbachev notes that sealing from others is very unethical:

“This is plagiarism when it’s re-posted without author’s consent and link to the source. . .  From my perspective, you have fundamental misunderstanding of not only copyright law as Charles mentioned but, more important, professional ethics.”

Dr. Jilevski denies any wrongdoing and he evidently believes that changing a word here and there makes it unique and allows him to steal from others.  He vehemently denies any copyright violations:

“That is a serious unsubstantiated accusation. I find this extremely very much intended to undermine my reputation.”

Dr. Jilevski believes that it’s the copyright owner's responsibility to contact him after they find out that their work has been stolen!

“If anyone has a dispute that contests the nature of my posts and believes it to infringe on copyright law, please email me at your convenience. Otherwise, I will assume by your tacit acquiescence that I am not in violation of copyright laws.”

Based on these accusations, it appears that Mr. Jilevski is plagiarizing other people's hard work and claiming it as his own.  Jilevski's book, 11g Real Application Clusters Handbook is now being reviewed for content theft, and if it is found to contain stolen material the rightful authors may demand that their work be pulled from the shelves. 


Fake Oracle Experts:  Incompetent or Unethical?

Plagiarism is rampant in the Oracle community, especially among people who do not understand the concept of private ownership of intellectual property.

Sometimes fake Oracle experts are so incompetent that they do not know that it’s wrong to steal, and commit outright plagiarism, willfully stealing the work of another and marking it as their own work. 

This is especially true for foreign Oracle posers, some of whom don’t even bother to scan the text to remove my name from their stolen material!


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Verify experience! Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications.

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