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Don Burleson Blog 







Logical Database Design Training Course

An intensive 4-day logical database design class.
© 2007-2016 by Burleson Corporation

This course is taught at your Company site with up to 20 students. 

Click here for on-site course prices



Key Features

* Day One
Process Modeling

* Day Two
Operational DB Design

* Day Three
Analytic Database Design

* Day Four
Oracle and the database



Course Description

This intense 4-day course is designed to be a concise and understandable introduction into logical database design.   This course teaches logical database design from the ground-up to ensure success and get your students started fast.

The student builds a firm foundation of logical database design principles that can be applied to any data model, regardless of its complexity. This course is indispensable for anyone faced with the challenge of designing a database system who does not have time to earn a master degree in mathematics and wade through the complex and obtuse world of database design theory.

Book Recommended

  Logical Database Design Principles
(Foundations of Database Design)

John Garmany

ISBN: 084931853X


This logical database design training has no formal prerequisites although a general understanding of relational databases is very helpful.  This seminar is indispensable for any IT professionals who is charged with analyzing and planning a database.

Curriculum Design

This course was designed by John  Garmany, a noted author and expert in database design.  Garmany is the author is of numerous bestselling Oracle books and he is a respected expert in database design principles.

Burleson Corporation instructors, including John Garmany,  are experts at logical design, data modeling and normalization with more than 20 years of database experience.  Best of all, Burleson Corporation instructors excel at explaining complex logical database design principles in plain English to ensure the maximum learning from your students.  Burleson Corporation instructors offer decades of real world DBA experience in Oracle features, and they will share their Oracle secrets in this intense Oracle training.

Learning Objectives:

The primary objective of this training is to provide each student with the knowledge and skill required to examine an existing data source and create a set of functional relational tables. Through over 20 exercises, the student will gain confidence in their logical database design skills and receive expert feedback on specific database design issues.

Logical Database Design Training Course
An intensive 4-day logical database design class.


© 2007-2016 Burleson Corporation

Unlike other theoretical courses on database design, this course emphasizes the pragmatic application of real-world database design techniques. Through numerous in-class exercises, the attendees will internalize proven techniques to create an effective database design and understand how to predict the ramifications of a change to an existing design.

The course also covers the issues involved in designing a enterprise data model and how to effectively manage data redundancy in a distributed environment. Object technology and incorporating an object data model into traditional techniques is also covered.

Day 1 – Process Modeling


Differences between operational and analytic databases
Process modeling with data flow diagrams concepts
Learn how to identify the applications and data


Practice Case Study

Conduct an actual interview
Develop a data flow diagram based upon interview results
Identify system applications
Identify system data

Day 2 – Operational Database Design


Learn how to develop entity relationship diagrams
Turning the entity relationship diagram into a logical database model
Understanding data types
Understanding primary, foreign, natural, and surrogate keys
Understand how the Oracle database supports the logical design
Understand when to de-normalize


Practice Case Study

Develop an entity relationship diagram
Develop a table relationship diagram
Identify primary, foreign, natural, and surrogate keys
Identify indexing needs

Day 3 – Analytic Database Design


Why have a data warehouse?
Requirements of a data warehouse
Understand the process of extraction, transformation, and loading
Understand the dimensional model terms
Fact tables
Dimension tables
Junk dimensions
Data warehouse methodology
Dimensional model scenarios
Surrogate keys
Junk dimensions
Bus architecture
Conformed dimensions
Slowly changing dimensions


Develop a dimension model using the practice case study
Develop a dimension model based upon the customer’s OLTP systems

Day 4 – Oracle and the database


Summary tables
Indexing strategy
Oracle Star Transformations
Table compression
Direct path loads
External tables
Merge statement
Materialized views
Insert All
Grouping sets clause
Cube option
Rollup option


Understand why companies have a difficult time obtaining business information.






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