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Don Burleson Blog 








Oracle12c new features

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

Our Oracle experts are anxious to start evaluation of Oracle 12c and this page will be used to post our Oracle12c articles and Oracle 12c database tips.

Oracle 12c release 1

Oracle web cache (WebLogic)

inmemory column store tips

smart flash cache

Force full database caching tips - 26 July 2014

v$im_segments tips -  24 July 2014

dnfs_batch_size tips -  23 July 2014

enable_goldengate_replication tips -  23 July 2014

New parameters in tips -  23 July 2014

Oracle12c release 0

Obsolete Oracle12c parameters tips

Obsolete Oracle12c components tips

Stay tuned for forthcoming Oracle 12c content




TEMP_UNDO_TABLESPACE  The temp_undo_tablespace parameter allows for the use of temporary disks for the undo logs. This allegedly improves performance on the Oracle

alter session set temp_undo_enabled=true

Data redaction tips

Linux threaded_execution tips

spot ADDM tips

pga_aggregate_limit Tips

ASM disk scrubbing Tips - 26 June 2015

clonedb Tips - WIP

processor_group_name - 26 June 2015

table editioning?

Data Guard FastSync Tips

editionable object tips

OEM Database Express


12c Table/Column Enhancements:

- generated as identity tips

- max_string_size tips allows for VARCHAR2(32767)

- Metadata only default of optional columns.

- ora_archive_state Tips  - 2 September 2015

- Invisible data columns Tips

- ILM clause tips

New 12c v$ views

         - v$io_outlier

          - v$lgwrio_outlier 

        - v$kernel_io_outlier  

- Pluggable Database Tips

12c DBA views


cdb_data_files tips


Data Pump:  new 12c parameters for Data Pump in 12c:

dbms_stats enhancements:

dbms_stats.report_stats_operations tips

12c SQL enhancements


Online DDL Tips

parallel_degree_level Tips

fetch first rows Tips

SQL text expansion Tips

with_plsql hint tips


- cross apply and outer apply for PL/SQL collections

- 12c match_recognize SQL

- WITH clause enhancement to allow function

           - CTAS automatically analyzes table in 12c

- Booleans in SQL

- max_sql_string_size Tips

- Row pattern matching (improved regex?)

- 12c histogram enhancements

- Hybrid Histograms tips

- adaptive execution plan tips

Oracle 12c adaptive optimization of SQL

- improved optimizer statistics

offset fetch first rows only tips

12c RAC Enhancements

- RAC Transaction guard - evolution of TAF

- Oracle12c de-support of RAC raw volumes

- 12c Transaction Guard Tips

Flex ASM tips

Flex Cluster tips


12c Storage Management Enhancements

- alter database move datafile <number> tips

- redef_table tips

- Interval-REF partitioning

- simultaneous operations on multiple partitions

- Truncate table cascade tips - New Cascade option for TRUNCATE and EXCHANGE partition

- Oracle database file system (ODFS)

12c Instance Management:

- What - if analysis for server pool management

12c Resource Manager (DBRM) enhancements Tips

12c Security enhancements:

- Enhancements to Policy-based Databases:  Actively utilizes different sized servers

_sys_logon_delay tips

duty security model tips

12c Application Enhancements:

- Application Continuity?

12c Installation & patching enhancements:

- Oracle installer will run Fix-up scripts & "" scripts across nodes. You don't have to run the scripts manually on RAC nodes.

 - Multi-purpose Installation?

- Standardized deployment and patching:  Introducing GHS, rapid home provisioning and gold images.

- A new "ghctl" command for better patching

- tips


12c Utilities Enhancements:

- expdp view_as_tables Tips

- Oracle Utility Cluster

- New BBED commands

- The new 12c data pump will allow to turn off redo for the import operation only.

- Real-time ADDM

- ADDM Report: SQL Commonality Index Tips

- ASH Analytics

- Pluggable Database Tips

- sqlplus nologintime tips

- Pluggable databases Backup and Recovery

- RMAN noopen

- RMAN recover table



12c parameters


- 12c parameters list

 - hidden undocumented parameters

12c Networking & connectivity enhancements

- Dynamic IP Management and name resolution made easy

- IPv6 Based IP Addresses Support for client connectivity

Data Guard 12c

- Data Guard physical "cascaded database":  A method of cascading redo logs in a physical standby database.

- Data Guard:  The dbms_rolling package:  A package for rolling upgrades with zero downtime.

- Data Guard:  A new SYSDG privilege, similar in function to SYSDBA, but for data guard.

- Far Sync Data Guard Tips

- sysbackup privilege

Replication 12c enhancements

GoldenGate 12c New Features tips




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Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals.  Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum.

Verify experience! Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications.

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